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ICE Institute

ICE Institute is pleased to share the Internship Program details associated with the ICONIC BRAND - "" and "" and hands-on experience in building web-based platforms and products with the terms and conditions set out in this document.

ICE Institute Internship Program is designed as a 6-months program built with the concept of practical learning through hands-on involvement in a live project. The candidate must be ready for 100% commitment of long-term "Vision", "Execution", "Commitment", "Passion" and "Performance".



Latest Cutting edge ECOMMERCE Technology

As a Technical Intern, you will have once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on India’s Biggest Digital Transformation Project with a vastly experienced team of professionals building India’s 1st and Biggest e-Expo Marketplace and CMS Platforms

ICE Training Certificate

Trainee will be awarded a “Certificate” from ICE Institute highlighting the areas in which you were trained and had hands-on

ICE Letter Of Recommendation

You shall also receive a “Letter Of Recommendation” (LOR) acknowledging the skills you acquired during the course of internship which shall fast-track your career progression and shall help you reach greater heights

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