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  • Every single consumer brand is aware of ICE Brand for the past 25 years as a marketplace 

  • ICE 1.0 Brand has undoubtedly gained the mind space and the trust of all consumer brand sellers of India 

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Power of ICE Brand as a Marketplace

  • ICE brand has played a vital role in the launch of Mantri Brand as a new seller in the market and ICE 1.0 Brand has also been a powerful launchpad for 1000’s of other brands such as Stayfit, Coffee Day, Aachi Masala etc.

  • Mr. Sushil Mantri managed to sell a historical number of flats at ICE platform despite being new in the market.

  • The launchpad for Mantri brand at ICE marketplace been described in his biography.

  • Mr. Sushil Mantri today is a billionaire and ICE brand is proud to have provided Mantri Brand a launchpad towards their success.

  • A massive proof of the power of ICE Brand can be read in Mr. Mantri’s biography with three pages dedicated to his launch success supported by ICE Brand which was a life-changing opportunity for him and his brand - Mantri.

  • ICE Brand has been transforming & empowering sellers for the last 25 years.

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